Its how much!?!?

Its how much!?!?

The Holidays are just around the corner, but before we start dreaming about feasts, football, and shoveling the driveway, I want to remind people about the importance of having life insurance.  September is(was) Life Insurance Awareness month.  I know that sounds a little strange, like what’s next?  Is February Dental Floss Awareness month?   The reality is that people naturally tend to procrastinate.  And our responsibilities tend to increase with age, sometimes quietly accumulating, while we go about our hectic daily lives.  Sometimes it takes a life altering event to get us to focus on the trailer full of promises and commitments we silently pull behind us.  These life altering events are usually a bad time to try to think clearly, and it’s usually too late to do the things we should have done earlier.  So, the following list is for both types of personalities; the Procrastinators and the Planners.  
Some Reasons to have Life Insurance
Accidents happen
You never know when your time is coming.  Illness and sudden accidents happen.  Life insurance helps your family and loved ones pay bills, mortgage payments and schooling costs.  It can also pay for final expenses like burial fees and the like.  Benefits paid are generally tax free.

Funerals cost $7,000 to $10,000
Funerals are not cheap.  Expect somewhere around $7,000 and up, just for a normal ceremony and process.  Life insurance can take the burden off of your loved ones who would need to write some big checks without it.

No one wants to leave a problem like debt to their surviving family or loved ones.  Life insurance can help leave a clean slate for your survivors.

Protect the ones you love after you are gone.  You work hard to provide for your loved ones now.  Providing for them after you are gone is as important as protecting them now.  It’s being a responsible adult.  It’s doing the right thing.

Timing is everything in life.  The time to look at getting a policy is BEFORE you have an accident or illness, like today.  Having an accident or getting a diagnosis can greatly affect your ability to get insurance.  Some conditions can permanently keep you from getting insured.  Don’t wait.

Life insurance can help a small business stay afloat after the loss of a key person or owner.

Peace of mind
Money can’t replace a loved one or spouse, but it can make life easier for those left behind to deal with life’s uncertainties and expenses.  Not to mention the loss of the deceased’s income.

Ken Kitchen, Ohio Licensed Agent & GM, HRC Insurance Services  Ken@hrcinsuranceservices.com

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