Do I need a Home Warranty?

Do I need a Home Warranty?

We recently received a phone call from a company wanting to sell us a home warranty. We listened to their presentation, and began to compare what they offered to the coverage that we have on our existing home insurance policy. The home warranty coverage would cost $500.00 for the year. Did you know that most home insurance carriers are offering a mechanical breakdown endorsement for their home and farm insurance policies? This is a quick look at the Safeco Mechanical Breakdown endorsement, which is only $2.00 per month.

As homeowners, we rely on a lot on mechanical and electrical equipment in our homes. Items such as appliances, heating and coolings systems, water heaters, well pumps, mechanical equipment for a swimming pool, computers, and electronics. These things make life a little more comfortable, and life a little less fun when they stop working due to a mechanical breakdown. Adding mechanical breakdown to your home insurance policy will cover losses due to direct and accidental loss to any mechanical or electrical equipment inside your home or related private structure. This endorsement does not cover wear and tear or natural deterioration. The benefit of this coverage is as follows:

The Safeco Mechanical Breakdown endorsement offers broad coverage for home mechanical, electrical, and electronic equipment such as appliances. Also covered are heating and cooling systems, televisions, computer systems, and well pumps. This will also provide coverage up to $50,000.00 with a low deductible of $500.00. A "greener" replacement is also included which will allow up to an additional 25% of the replacement value of the damaged equipment to replace with a Energy Star rated option. Because they know how much a household depends on these items, they have also included up to $3,000.00 per occurrence for expedited repair or replacement.

Most folks are concerned about the impact a claim has on their rates. A mechanical breakdown claim does not have an adverse affect on your premium.

If you have not checked to see if this in included in your home insurance coverage, we encourage you to check today. As you are aware, these items we depend on daily, have a tendency to break down when you need them then most.

Ask us about other inexpensive endorsements that we have to offer. In most instances, we can offer you a better home insurance plan for less money. We care about our customers first. Please visit our website for more information about our company, carriers, and plans that we offer at www.hrcinsure.com.


Written by: Christina Knox

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